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"Mutual fund distributor Mutualfundhai keeping investors interest as a priority while advising any mutual fund scheme. The main focus of the Mutualfundhai is to make a financial plan for the client according to their financial goals and educating how to achieve them. This includes exploring various options for investment. Therefore, you can easily evaluate which is right for your financial goals."

AMFI Registered Mutual Fund Distributor-Ravi Shankar


Market Analysis

The starting point of any success story is knowing your current position in the business environment

Investment Planning

After completing the market analysis the next stage is to design and plan your investement strategy

Execution & Evaluation

In this phase you will focus on executing the actions plan and evaluating the results after each marketing campaign

Accelerate Business Growth To Improve Revenue Numbers

1How Can MutualFundHai Help Your Investment
At MutualFundHai, we’ve taken the consultancy concept one step further by offering a full service management organization with expertise.
MutualFundHai partners with businesses to business growth and development ideas including market analysis, plan execution and evaluation.
An awesome online marketing plan won't save your bad product but paired with a good product, the sky is the limit for what can be achieved.

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Our clients are our partners and we can not imagine a better future for our company without helping them reach their objectives

The guys from MutualFundHai helped with getting my investement off the ground and turning into a profitable.
Vishwa Prakash - Invester
I purchased the Growth Accelerator service pack a few years ago and I renewed the contract each year.
Praveen Kumar Pankaj - Banker
MutualFundHai's CEO personally attends client meetings and gives his feedback on Investment growth strategies.
Vikash Krishna - Developer

Our Team Of Consultants

We're only as strong and as knowledgeable as our team. So here are the men and women which help customers meet goals and grow companies


Ravi Shankar



We're Passionate About Delivering Growth Services

Our goal is to provide the right business growth services at the appropriate time so companies can benefit from the created momentum and thrive for a long period of time

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